The latest version of WhatsApp to meet the varied interest

Most people like to use the app which has more options. WhatsApp is mainly preferred for its varied impactful feature. The user finds something unique while using fmwhatsapp. The found apps are developed WhatsApp modified version which is familiar as FM WhatsApp. This version is more efficient as well as functional when compared with the official form of WhatsApp.


It has an excellent form customized application. The user needs to download the status which has to be saved later. There is an option of calling anyone in a very convenient way with any kind of obstacle.

There is also the option of sending at any time without any kind of restriction. This app makes things easier where the user can pin their favorite chats and also comes with the option of broadcasting the massage as well.

It has the option of removing the tags of forwarding messages and also provides an option to delete status which can re-watched. It also has the feature of an anti-delete option. Many are found of using unique and pretty emojis so to not disappoint such kinds of users it has provided varied lists of emojis.

There is an option to change the theme as well as its colours. It also has the provision to change the personal icons and comes with the option of locking the features which is very much essential to maintain privacy and from the safer side. The most appreciating part of the app is the offers of the theme store which has thousands of themes that can customize this particular app.

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